AC-ROV 100 Market / Applications

Routine Inspection

Suitable for almost any environment, the AC-ROV represents a sound investment for those involved in underwater inspections. These may be for installation and facility inspection, security, certification purposes, hull or structural inspection, or you could be involved in manned diving. In this case it is a valuable pre-dive inspection and reconnaissance tool that then follows on into diver observation and safety control. You may work onshore or offshore, in open or confined spaces - how convenient would it be to have a hand carry underwater ROV video camera system at your disposal?  Position and track the AC-ROV with the acoustic USBL option while searching for dropped items or visually identifying sonar hits.  Interrogate surfaces with the laser scaler and thickness gauge, recording all results.  The field serviceable AC-ROV requires no specialist training and has unrivalled mobility and robustness.

Emergency Intervention

Small and versatile, the AC-ROV system can be hand carried, unpacked, deployed and operated by a sole user at very short notice. Images can be viewed or recorded as required whilst the manipulator option can be used for gathering samples, evidence or fixing recovery lines.

Just Plain Curious!

Maybe you want to satisfy your curiosity, take a look at that wreck or even go inside it. Check out that dive site or reef before you get wet. Perhaps you want to check out vessel hulls, props or moorings before going to the expense and risk of deploying a diver. Whatever you may need an underwater ROV camera for, the AC-ROV is an inexpensive yet robust and durable option offering portability, great image quality and the ease of use you would expect from the most innovative product in its class. Ideal for single user operations, the AC-ROV is as fun and exciting as it is practical!

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