AC-ROV 100 Scenarios

The AC-ROV is designed for routine inspection, industrial remote visual inspection, emergency intervention and for those unplanned and non-essential applications which AC-CESS categorise as 'Just Plain Curious'. Typical applications include:

Industrial - Test Tank, Installation and Facility

The highly mobile and robust AC-ROV is ideal for inspecting and monitoring equipment under test conditions is.  All images can be recorded for validation and client sign off.  No specialist training is required allowing the most confined of spaces to be inspected and interrogated.  The portable nature of the 1 case AC-ROV system allows the most remote and harsh environment locations to be reached.  Installations and facilities on or offshore benefit from a low risk, robust solution that enables remote visual inspection in open water and confined spaces.  With minimal site disturbance the AC-ROV is a one man operation through out hook up, deployment, operation and recovery.

Propeller, Hull and Rudder Inspections

Hull, Prop or Rudder damage / fowling is the common suspect when ship and boat operators detect abnormal vibration or responses in their propulsion or steering systems. In many countries, even a simple underwater inspection requires the services of a commercially qualified and certified diver. The deployment the AC-ROV is a quick, easy and inexpensive way of determining if there is a problem with underwater parts. If the parts inspect OK, then the cost and time of contracting a diver has been saved. The same saving even applies if a problem is found, because the first manned dive to find out what is wrong is not required, and the actual first dive can proceed with the remedy to hand.

Rapid Response

The key to getting anywhere quickly is availability and portability. Customers buying into the AC-ROV technology take control of the availability issue whilst portability is one of the greatest benefits of the AC-ROV system. A real 'Hand Carry' system that can be taken just about anywhere. The AC-ROV in one hand, a mini generator in the other and one person can deploy the system in the remotest of locations.

Diver Buddy

A great pre-dive risk assessment and planning tool, making all man dives safer and more productive. Deploy again on diver watch duties. The diver can use the AC-ROV as a 'hand held' or to send on ahead for continuous risk assessment and investigation. Very useful in confined, congested or poor visibility work environments such as wrecks, culverts, caves and pipes. 


Ideal for routine or emergency intervention and inspection in storage ponds, reactors, pipes and ducts. 

Homeland Security / Customs and Excise

A portable and versatile tool for routine and emergency remote underwater inspection and intervention. Multiple applications in Ports, Harbours and Waterways surveying ship hulls, bridge piers, jetties etc.

Pressure Vessel Inspection and Certification

Insurance requirements demand that pressure vessels undergo periodic inspection and pressure testing. Water is commonly used to pressure test vessels as it makes the process safer. What better opportunity to deploy an underwater ROV inside the vessel to carry out pre and post pressure test inspections?
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