AC-ROV 100 Technical Specifications

Model 100
Size 203mm x 152mm x 146mm (8" x 6" x 5.75")
Weight 3kg (6.6lbs)
Depth Rating 100msw
Camera Colour CCD, 800 Line X 0.1 Lux, Focus = Fixed 100mm - Infinity
Thrusters 6 thrusters (4 x horizontal vectored, 2 x vertical)
Lights 4 camera tracking LEDs (variable intensity)
Control Field proven, single handed 3-D grip controller (LH or RH)
Monitor 145mm (5.6") colour TFT LCD in waterproof housing
Video Overlay Date, Time, Power Setting, (Depth optional)
Sensors Temperature, Humidity and Water Ingress
Tether Options to 40m with Tether Deployment System
Tether Connection Back as standard, with Top and Bottom options
System Power 300 watt (0.4hp)
Payload 200g (8oz)
Inputs 90/260vac x 47/63Hz auto ranging
Outputs Composite Video

18kg (40lbs) complete in one hand carry case

490mm x 380mm x 190mm (19.25" x 15" x 7.5")

Integrated Options

USBL Positioning & Tracking

Rear View Camera and Light

Depth Sensor

2 Function Manipulator - Grip and Continuous 2 Way Rotate - 2 and 3 jaw grips

Slip Ring Tether Deployment System

Thickness Gauge

Laser Scaling Roller Kit

Other Options

Custom Tether Deployment Systems

Alternative or Additional Monitors

Tethers to 120m


All ROVs suffer from tether drag. It affects flight control and the ability to reach a target and is more noticeable with smaller ROVs. Simple dive planning can help this to work for you. Sometimes fixing a weight a distance behind the ROV to take some of the strain works well. More sophisticated still are Tether Management Systems. An ROV manufacturer that works closely with customers and operators will be able to help.

Touch buttons on the 3-D controller provide powerful “Flight Assist” functions. These are; Flight Freeze / Flight Un-freeze / Progressive Forward Flight / Vertical Trim and Tilt / 3 stage Power Increment / Camera switching.

The tether cable and connectors are completely field serviceable. Any damaged cable can be cut out and any remaining serviceable cable reterminated and used again. No need for cable moulding services.

Connect any type of video recording device to the system for recording and data logging. A computer is not required for normal operation nor included in the supply.

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