AC-ROV 3000 Product Description

The Fly-Out concept has been around for more than 30 years and attempted in various forms. Nearly all have been project specific matching an existing small ROV to a much bigger host vehicle, all with varying degrees of success.

The AC-ROV 3000 Fly-Out package is a pedigreed game changer. 

  • Taking the AC-ROV pedigree deeper 
  • Using the best in TMS know how from ALL OCEANS 

The AC-ROV 3000 is marginally bigger than the standard proven AC-ROV. Its “fly through” size is 200mm compared to 190mm for the standard vehicle. Both use the same unique arrangement of centre-less thrusters for maximum efficiency and mobility. The totally intuitive 3D hand grip interface is also the same for both vehicles and now incorporates TMS control. It is important to note that the standard AC-ROV can be interfaced to the same TMS for operations to 100m, making an ideal Fly-Out package for detailed inspections up and around, and even inside FPSO turrets and anchors for example. 

Although very similar externally, the AC-ROV 3000 is altogether different internally compared to its mature relation. What is known to work well and deliver good reliability with the standard AC-ROV is retained. Only necessary changes and additions have been made to contend with the 40 fold increase in depth rating. 

Believe it or not, the whole Fly-Out system is small and light enough to mount off an inspection class ROV. Furthermore, with just 500w single phase peak power demand, an RS232 control interface and two composite video interfaces, the system does not present a big demand on host vehicle services. Check out these numbers and you will be surprised at what can host the AC-ROV 3000. 

  • 75kg in air complete and 40kg in water 
  • 500w single phase auto ranging power interface 
  • RS232 control interface 
  • 2 x composite video (ROV and TMS cameras) 
  • 50m excursion on easy change-out tether
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